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Parking Eye Problems

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To all our Customers.
We have been informed that unfortunately our Parking Eye system glitched and has not been working properly between the dates of the 23/1/20 and the 31/1/20. So we are sorry to say that parking charges have been sent out even though you entered your registration at the bar, the Parking Eye team have flagged this and cancelled any of the charges that were sent out between these dates. Unfortunately they could not get to them all in time before they were sent, for this they do apologize as do we. If you have received a charge in this time frame, please be ensured it has been cancelled and you can check this with the link below they have provided so you can confirm this yourself. Once again we are sorry this has happened, if you have any issues please do call the pub on 01202 694400 but please check with the link below first before calling the pub.

Kind Regards
The Management Team


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